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Tube Bending Services

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Round Tube Bending Services

This is 3” x 3” with a .25 wall thickness, aluminum square tube rolled with an inside radius of 15 feet. We specialize in rolling. Here we have 4 pcs of 1” diameter aluminum round tube that has been rolled or bent to make a 90 degree angle with straight material on both ends. At ABC Metfabs, this kind of precision bending is our specialty. We do round tube bending, pipe bending, and even square and rectangular tube bending using many different types of material, such as, aluminum, copper, bronze, stainless steel and plain steel. Square tube in aluminum, stainless steel and many other material types.

Square Tube Bending Services

These are 2" x 2" square tubes with a 1/4" wall thickness that have been bent. Rather than rolling these to a gradual radius, these tubes have been bent to a specific angle per our customer’s specifications. 

Tube bending, pipe bending and pipe & tube rolling are often used to describe the same process, but they differ from each other in what the desired outcome is. At ABC Metfabs, we specialize in both bending and rolling and use which ever process is best suited for our customer’s needs.

Pipe Bending Services
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