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Sheet Metal Rolling Services

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Heavy Duty Plate Rolling Services

These are two pieces of 1.0” thick x 48” plate rolled to an inside radius of 24 inches. Our plate rolling department has the ability to do plate rolling up to 1.0" thick by 10 feet in width. We not only specialize in rolling heavy duty plate up to 1.0” thick, but also heavy plate bending and sheet metal rolling & bending to make things like custom-formed C-channels, custom L-angles, custom hat-sections and purlins.

Steel Sheet Rolling Services

Above are 3 custom rolled cylinders that were rolled using 1/8” thick, or 11ga hot rolled steel sheet metal. These cylinders were rolled to a precise diameter based on our customer’s needs and then welded. We are capable of rolling steel plate and sheet metal to cylinders like these in 10ft long sections. Please contact us for more information about our steel plate rolling and sheet metal rolling capabilities.

Rolled Perforated Sheet Metal Services

These parts are rolled from 18ga sheet metal that was perforated, and are rolled to an inside radius of 6”. We also specialize in sheet metal bending and plate bending with a bending capacity up to 500 tons by 18 feet. We combine our rolling and bending capabilities to tackle some of the most unique projects using steel plate and sheet metal.

Metal Plate Rolling Services

These are 10ft long pieces 3/8” thick aluminum plate that has been rolled to a half circle or shell with an approx 30” diameter. We specialize in rolling plate using many different material types such as aluminum plate rolling, titanium plate rolling, bronze plate rolling, brass plate rolling as well as stainless steel plate rolling and mild steel plate rolling. Contact us for more information about how we can help you with your plate rolling needs.

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